Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download and run a software for this?

-No, you do not need to download or run a software because all freebies, rewards and giveaways are online generator base. Just click claim online now and you will redirect to the claiming page. We also own the claiming page and site.

It took me to different site, is this still sale?

-We recognize site, its just a redirection for our site to be safe. We also own the claiming page/site. No need to worry your still safe and remember its only an online generator site no need to download anything.

Is this site safe from virus?

-We assured you its 100% safe and secured. If you still hesitant view our virustotal.com page CLICK HERE. We want all players to be safe from viruses and other malicious software since its an online generator base site.

How can I claim game rewards, giveaways and freebies?

-Just search or visit the post of your game, click CLAIM ONLINE NOW. You will redirect to sponsor page, we still own the site. Follow the instructions and your done. Just wait for 5 – 10 minutes to be added in your account. Refresh your account and the page. And your done.

Its not working for me, what is the solution?

-Make sure you finish the sponsor verification form, its a way to help us navigate if you are a bot or a real player. Its just a minute of your time to finish a simple survey. If you still experience problem you can Contact Us. That is to inform us and we will find a way to reach you.

Our game is not on the list, how to request or suggest?

-Just make sure you use the search button in the upper right corner of the site. If its still no result just Contact Us. We will make any possible way for you to get your games freebies, rewards and giveaways just wait for a few days and visit the site again.

Its working, how can I say Thank You?

-Just follow us in social media that is enough for our motivation to continue.